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Welcome to Scotland 

Field notes from Scotland, Edinburgh:

Briefly my lovely partner in crime and I visited the ever so amazing Scotland. This time the city of Edinburgh. My thoughts after the visit will be: love it, want more, excellent walking conditions, and ever so amazing weather the entire period. Here is some short facts about Edinburgh:

It sure is the capital city of Scotland and is the second most populous city in Scotland, and the seventh most populous in the United Kingdom. The city holds many secrets, and famous places, and happenings. Some examples will be:  Edinburgh castle, the university of Edinburgh, art festivals, film festivals, pubs, art, old town, new town, and the list grows longer, and longer. You have to come and see for your self. 

I would love to highlight some of our favorites on this trip: Walk the town night and day (bring good shoes),  Shopping, try out the local restaurants, Take a hike to Arthur seat  (Recommending wearing good shoes here to)  Take a trip to the beach @Portobello seaside, Try some local haggis, Have some ice-cream at Mary´s milk bar,  and most of all make sure to take some photographs.   

Check out the photo gallery bellow for some street photography exploration of Edinburgh.   

Whit´s fur ye´ll no go by ye. (What´s meant to happen, will happen)
— Scottish Saying

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