" Harbour EX 2015 " is among the largest civil exercise that is held in Norway.

The exercise is arranged og coordinated by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB), involving local emergency units such as Oslo Fire Brigade, ambulance/hospitals and police in training on different evacuation scenarios. The exercise will basically take place in and around the Sjursøya, Oslo.

The choice of locating Harbour Ex 2015 in the Port of Oslo is obvious since Oslo is the largest public port in Norway with a large oil terminal. The goal for the exercise is to practice the emergency plan , evacuation of people , crisis communication and cooperation between emergency services and government. It is important for the different parties to practice together so that they are better off in the event of a crisis.

Photography by Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie 

Photography by Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie 

The scenario:

There was several different scenarios one of them was an explosion in a container tank at the harbour in Sjursøya, Oslo it seeps gas and smoke out of it. The other was a huge fire and rescue mission in tight places near several containers with potential dangerous fluids. 

The very many injured lying around in the area with fire burns, various shock states and some have inhaled toxic gases, other has been covered in hazardous fluids. 

My primary role for during this exercise has been as a team member to the tactical "make up" team handling the damage makeup to the roleplayers  and handling the documentary photography.   

Photography by Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie 

Photography by Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie 

First of all, before this large scale exercise has begun, there where massive preparations. For the tactical "make up" team with the team leader @Unni Gran there where massive planning and drilling. The small building which has not been renovated since the 1970¨s was pointed out as the base for the superior tactical "make up" team. Finally the role-players arrived, and the show could start.  "A05 -2/3 Degree fireburns, front both thighs with some fire burns 1 degree hands" Room 1  "A07 - Large laceration both arms, from elbow and down, 2/3 fireburns" Room 2, let´s go, let´s go let´s go. 

The time schedule was tight, but through superior team effort is all went exceptional. A huge thanks to @Unni Gran @Anne B Vardehaug @Edda Bøhn @Pia Olsen for the fantastic team work. And a huge thanks to the fantastic role-players for their amazing oscar academy awards performances.

Under you will find my gallery of photography from Harbour EX 2015. If any questions please feel free to contact me by mail info@alanwilkie.com.