A while back, I decided to submit a photograph to the competition Lens Culture Portrait Awards 2014. A single portrait image from the streets of Los Angeles.  

The War Veteran  ©  Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

The War Veteran © Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

To my great surprise, I got an email notification which contained the following message:

Hi Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

I’m happy to inform you have been selected as one of the 31 Finalists for the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2014. Congratulations!

As a Finalist, you and your work were selected as the best from thousands of top-quality entries received from photographers in 82 countries — so you have earned a remarkable distinction.

I must say this was a big surprise, I never thought I could catch up with all the fantastic photographers out there, I did not make the top 3, but I must say I am very happy to be selected among the top 31. Things like this gives you the extra motivation to continue on with photography, I thank you for the selection, I am very grateful.

Feel free to check out my lensCulture Profile:

In addition to this has LensCulture published my project from Sens & Sans #7. The given name "Dark Matter" a documentary fairy tale about human relations presented in the classic frame of black and white. In this personal project i have followed a Russian blooded family for some time, which has resulted in 12 photographs that form the basis of my ongoing project, Dark Matter. Feel free to have a look. 

Dark Matter  © Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

Dark Matter © Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away
— Eudora Welty