Last year i was participating in Leica Street Smart WorkShop Istanbul, this year a whole new thing has occurred. A new workshop, a new place, let me present you Leica Street Smart WorkShop this time right here in the city of angels i give you: Los Angeles, California, USA.  

This time the host Bresson AS, which is the sole importer and distributor of Leica cameras, lenses and binoculars in Norway has done something absolutely outstanding.

They invited two incredible legends One, the king of color Steve Mccurry who will be joining us for a whole day in Hollywood. Two, the fame of the famous Greg Gorman who will be joining us for a whole day in Venice beach. Both outstanding legendary heroes with a sincere passion for photography. In addition to this, Bresson have also brought two of Norway´s most inspiring photographers, the rock and roll team of two Prince of Darkness Bjørn Opsahl and the Mysterious Myth Andreas Smaaland who will take the participants on a star-studded program when we are here in Los angeles. I can testify that we are in good hands.


Sunset boulevard, Los Angeles    Photographer: Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

Sunset boulevard, Los Angeles  

Photographer: Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

I give you LA, Los Angeles or even the word City of angels, its up to you what you wanna name it. It is a busting metropolis with beaches, ports, nightlife, traffic, strippjoints, amazing type of residents and it gives you a true American experience and the best of American lifestyle. 

People cut themselves off from their ties of the old life when they come to Los Angeles. They are looking for a place where they can be free, where they can do things they couldn't do anywhere else. That is just an example of quotes about LA, and the words seem to be true. By the way did you know The Shirley Temple, a non-alcoholic cocktail, was invented in Los Angeles or even Los Angeles is the birth place of both Marilyn Monroe and the Barbie Doll? Well go figure. 

I had a superb periode when i was down here due to the Leica workshop. I meet so many fantastic and amazing citizens of Los Angeles, and captures many stories as a photographic memory to use for future projects. I must say LA is BIG and having a plan of what to do and where to go can sometimes be of necessity. But it is also lovely to be free of all plans and just let the day develop in the direction of what steps you take. 

My personal experience would be, don´t walk where everybody else walks. Make your own path, and i promise you new places and new objects will appear, and that my friend will give you amazing photo opportunities. Remember who dares wins. 

Hollywood, Los Angeles    Photography: Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

Hollywood, Los Angeles  

Photography: Alan Thomas Duncan Wilkie

Quick words about the Leica Street Smart WorkShop Los Angeles. Each workshop is becoming more and more challenging and especially this one. It is quite a journey to get to Los Angeles from Norway. Several hours on plane, and other transportation becomes in the end a time challenge due to the struggle with jet lag. It takes about  3 days to shake of the jet lag struggle and getting into normal LA draft. When that is said, and when the LA draft has begun there is only one thing that matters. Workshop mode, hard work 24/7 concrete walking, traffic driving, buss driving, taxi driving, photo sessions, edit sessions, and of course have a whole amount of fun during the period. 

The LA workshop was particularly challenging. The instructors Andreas and Bjørn gave the participants the ultimate task. 8 pictures with the theme portrait,  and we had to stick to our chosen theme and project all the way.  We had image evaluation every night, to receive feedback from the instructors and the other participants. This was for me very helpful and important so that we could use this feedback in a good way to improve own projects.

Underneath you will se a short clip from my project, Darkstreet boys - Post War Characters .

During this work shop, i have had the chance to develop my own skills, meeting new people with the same passion for photography and most of all have the chance to create photographic moments that i will remember for the rest of my life. I would like to give a great thanks to Bresson for the ultimate experience due to this workshop, this time they have overdone their self. 

During our stay i Hollywood we had the chance to to meet The King of color Mr Steve McCurry. He took us on a fantastic journey with lecture, walk and shot, photographic moments, and personal follow-ups on the all participants personal chosen projects. Se more of Steven´s amazing work online at

And during our stay in the Venice HQ we were lucky to get a full day of lecture, live photo shoot with Norwegian model pop superstar Aleksander With and personal feedback on our personal projects by the fantastic fame of the famous Mr Greg Gorman. I must say listing to Mr Gorman is amazing, he is full of energy during his lectures he is also sincere honest and thoroughly during his feedback session to all the participants, which i think is a very important capacity.  To see more of Gorman´s amazing work online please visit

The Leica street smart workshop was hosted by two of Norway´s most inspiring photographers, the rock and roll team of two, Prince of Darkness Bjørn Opsahl and the Mysterious Myth Andreas Smaaland.

Bjørn is the rock and roll character with sincere passion for street, architecture and portraits of amazing people. Bjørn is ongoing with his project as a backstage lead photographer at the Tv show Skavlan, and is preparing a book release hopefully in the year 2014. He is not known to be a master chef, but a photographic legend worldwide. In addition to this he has many other projects in the air. Please check out his amazing online portfolio at

Andreas is what we call The new breed, Andreas is the fast moving mystery man, his eye for details, light, objects,  people or situations is impeccable. He is a shooting street machine, often with no plan Andreas moves around with just extra battery in the one pocket and extra memory cards in the other. Often observed with heavy duty cargo pant for maximum comfort and durability as he often ends up on the ground when he shoots his amazing pictures. To see more of Andreas powerful photography´s online please visit 

Then the adventure ends. But the big question will be, will host another workshop like this? If YES in which country will it be? If NO i know i will cry my self to sleep. Stay tuned for more information. 

If you are feeling a little more curious about more photography from Los Angeles please take a look at my website for more imagery, or follow me on instagram


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