Terry is a 1965 model with a handlebar mustache, long sideburns, and a collection of odd tattoos and a pair of eyeglasses that has become legendary.

Photo: Terry Richardson  Source: www.terrysdiary.com

Photo: Terry Richardson  Source: www.terrysdiary.com

Terry is the Hollywood raised photographer and best known for his unique style often involving nudity, rebellious portraits combined with fashion. 

There are often several repeating themes in Richardson´s work, notable that of putting hight-profile celebrities in mundane situations and photographing the using traditionally pedestrian methods, such as the use of an instant camera.

The Terry way of photographing is for me an inspiration. Terry is keeping things simple,  just a camera, in fact any camera, one or several models and with that they create something outstanding

Keep it simple, keep on shooting.

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You can’t give your photograph soul with technique. I want my photos to be fresh and urgent. A good photograph should be a call to arms. It should say, “Fucking now. The time is ripe. Come on
— Terry Richardson